Dramatis Personae

Note: This page is meant to act as a brief refresher. Spoilers are kept at a minimum.


  • Name: Nise, Adoptive Father of the Fated King. Headmaster of Westwind Academy.
    • Fae: Lucid. A transparent figure of a woman that lives in reflective surfaces and can project images on them. Illusions, current events, and even tiny, vivid glimpses of Fate.
  • Name: KadosThe Fated King.
    • Fae: Sow. A giant, bipedal pig, renowned for her matronly personality. Is able to plant “magical seeds” inside people and the environment. There appear to be a countless number of effects, although most result in some kind of growth, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual.
    • Fae: Reap. A living scarecrow made of disparate bones, draped in a torn, black cloak. Wields a farming scythe and a sickle, with which he can execute swift and terrifying strikes. The exact specifics of his magics are deliberately kept secret by the Fated King.
  • Name: Kon, Son of Non and Kir of the Pale Hawks.
    • FaeUnnamed. Her shell resembles a silver-and-gold knot of lute strings, with sparks and shadows glinting and glowering in the ridges. She can absorb and alter sounds, and empower music with magic.
  • NameJranaDaughter of Lord Jred and Lady Anant of the Wallowing Shores.
      • Sightless. Her fae is a cloud of oceanic light mixed with white foam, its side pressed in, making it look vaguely like an oyster. Jrana ran away from home for love, and to escape from her past.
  • NameKinjraDaughter of Kon and Jrana of the Pale Hawks.
    • FaeUnnamed. His shell is vibrant green, oblong, and jagged, like a seed. In the wake of his flights, plants appear to grow quickly.
  • Name: Gul, Husband of Cres and Head Cook of the Pale Hawks.
      • Sightless. His fae is a cloud of steamy, golden-brown mist. She is often seen lingering behind Gul’s back, even when they were children. Back then, Kon called his best friend’s fae ‘Fart.’ In truth, she has slight buttery scent.
  • NameLafer, Estranged Daughter of Regent Ferona, Interim Ruler of The Fated Perch, Kolod Vor.
    • Fae: Vigor. A giant with fiery eyes and an enthusiastic voice, dressed in a muscular suit of veiny, blood-red armor. His body radiates with an aura of life and warmth, rejuvenating those whom it touches; including enemies.
  • NameSapCommander of the Coastwatch Eyrie, Also Known As Spook.
    • Fae: Presence. A featureless silhouete composed entirely of darkness whose size rises with fear. As of late, he is large enough to drown an entire roost in shade. He is also capable of animating the shadows of living beings to halt, hold, hit, or hide them.
  • NameAshet, Lighthouse Keeper and Fate Diviner.
    • FaeOutlook. A walking brick tower with a glass dome for a head and a bright white searchlight spinning inside it. Whoever Outlook shines their light on, they are capable of reading ongoing thoughts to understand people and predict future actions. This information is often assisted by small glimpses of Fate, like glints of distant light, or shifting shadows.
  • NameEdosCarrion Traitor, Kinslayer, and Messenger of Death.
    • FaeNightowl. An immense owl with dark purple feathers that can ‘close’ to obscure her body within shadows, or ‘open’ to reveal glowing, pallid skin. She can see great distances in the darkness, and carry hundreds of stones worth of weight in her human-sized talons.
  • Name: EbiWandering Seer and Sworn Defender of the Waistlands.
    • FaeFlow. A long, translucent-skinned sea serpent, filled with a seemingly infinite well of rushing water that can be sprayed from its mouth and controlled by his Seer. He is capable of a low, slithering flight.