Behind the Curtain


  1. False Prophecy is dedicated to my girlfriend, my parents, my friends, and my betas: Lija, Sally, Scott, Sean, Dequan, Zoran, Daniel, Marko, Mickael, Pavel, Filip, Luka, Ciaran, Ethan, Hermione, and Geoffrey. Without you all, this book would never have lived. I hope I will be able to repay any love, kindness, and support with an equivalent exchange, though I know, like Kinjra, I’ve got a long journey ahead of me. No matter how much time it takes, I promise to remain grateful every step of the way!
  2. I am also elated to dedicate this book to No Sleep ‘Till Bookdun, the discord server for determined writers that helped me commit to my dreams! Thanks to the efforts of the NTSB Administrator and Moderator Team, False Prophecy was provided the perfect environment to thrive! This one goes out to Marco, Aystia, Brian!, SP, pinnacle_preacher, arillusine, Hesketh Jemima, and Neonflare, along with the hundreds of writers on NTSB with me, embracing the community lovingly while toiling away at their own novels!
  3. And last but not least, a plug for the wonderful artist who created the image I’m using for the website’s background! Martina Stipan, or t1na on DeviantArt. Click her name and you’re in for a treat! It was her work that inspired this initial conceit of the main characters, Kon and Kinjra, so who knows? Maybe she’ll inspire you, too!

About the Author


Online, I go by Amanuensis, though when I inevitably publish, you’ll likely know me as M. A. Hallowell. I was born on March 6th, 1993, and since mid 2006, I’ve been writing in one form or another. It all began on the Runescape Roleplaying Forums, where I made many friends and ran fantastic adventures. Most failed to get far, but I never gave up on my passion for storytelling. After graduating high school and taking a six-year detour in the U.S. Marines, I decided to settle down somewhere peaceful and dedicate myself to working on my career as a writer. Hence the web serial, False Prophecy. It’s an ambitious project, but if things go according to plan, it will hopefully be the first of many.

False Prophecy itself is a character focused, fantasy epic, most inspired by the works of Brandon Sanderson and John C. McCrae (Wildbow). Both tonally and thematically, you will probably notice a heaping of anime influence. Alongside the beautiful piece of art used for this website’s background, the story was initially conceived after seeing pictures from an article about earth having a planetary ring, and the idea of a world losing its chosen one years before their prophesied apocalypse. If any of those three facts interest you, I hope you’ll give my story a chance. I can’t promise much, but I can promise I’ll do my best to entertain and inspire emotion. Whether you do or don’t like what you read, feel free to leave comments! Any and all feedback helps, so long as it is civil.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sincerely appreciate it. In a way, this book is dedicated to the readers, too.